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Published on June 01, 2024
Scott County Invites Residents to Free 'Lakeside Sunrise Qigong' Sessions at Cleary Lake Regional ParkSource: Unsplash/JOHN TOWNER

Those seeking a peaceful start to their day can find solace by the serene shores of Cleary Lake this June. Cleary Lake Regional Park is hosting a series of morning Qigong sessions aimed at cultivating balance, intention, and awareness. The program, titled "Lakeside Sunrise Qigong," will take place from Monday, June 10 through Friday, June 14, between 7 and 8 AM, as reported by Scott County government's official website.

Qigong, a traditional Chinese practice combining movement and meditation, is designed to energize its participants for the day ahead, and these sessions are particularly set to coincide with the gentle rise of the morning sun. According to the Scott County announcement, people of all levels of experience are encouraged to join, whether for one session or for the full week. This opportunity is not only a chance to embrace a new form of exercise but also to engage with the community in a unique, health-focused event.

The program underscores a simple, yet profound philosophy: "Where intention goes, energy flows." By this credo, the organizers aim to foster greater harmony in all aspects of participants' lives, leveraging the symbiotic relationship between setting intentions and guiding personal energy. Emphasizing the accessibility of the event, the organizers have ensured that no previous experience in qigong is necessary to take part, opening the door to all interested individuals over the age of 18.

This initiative is also notable for being completely free of charge, reinforcing Scott County's commitment to fostering accessible wellness programs for its residents. Those interested in participating are advised to mark their calendars and take advantage of this tranquil experience. Set against the backdrop of a lakeside dawn, the sessions promise to offer a refreshing departure from the usual hustle of daily life, perhaps sparking a lasting affinity for the ancient practice of qigong among its attendees.