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Published on June 12, 2024
South Florida Battling Extensive Flooding, Miami Beach Hit by 7 Inches of Rain as Flood Watch ContinuesSource: Unsplash/ Juan Manuel Sanchez

South Florida is struggling with widespread flooding after days of intense rainfall hit the region. The National Weather Service has issued a flood watch extension, indicating that these conditions are expected to last through Thursday evening. According to WSVN, Miami-Dade and Broward counties are grappling with significant water levels, with Miami Beach recording nearly seven inches of rainfall since the downpours began.

Reports describe inundated streets across various communities, with floodwaters making roads like Brickell Avenue and Southeast 14th Street in Miami difficult to navigate. Businesses along these thoroughfares, including eateries such as Paperfish and Sexy Fish, find their sidewalks submerged. “Some of the flooding is pretty crazy. I’m not, gonna lie,” one resident braved the conditions for an evening activity, told WSVN.

Residents watched as luxury vehicles nearly vanished beneath the waters and businesses contemplated the costs of cleanup and repair. Furthermore, the downpour has compromised the visibility from high-rise buildings and added to the traffic congestion on major roads like Interstate 95. The heavy rains have also affected the local infrastructure, with manhole covers dislodged by the force of surging water.

In Hallandale, after six inches of rain led to the shutdown of Hallandale Beach Boulevard, the significant, flooding prompted officials to clear stormwater systems to mitigate further water accumulation. Despite these efforts and the reopening of the boulevard, there's an expectation of more rainfall, which could exacerbate the current situation.

The heavy rain didn't spare even social media from acknowledgments of its impact. A post from the X account of ONLYinDADE shared the sentiment of many, with an image captioned "Rain getting the best of us today…" Underneath the weight of the skies, South Florida perseveres, with residents and officials doing their best to forge through the deluge.



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