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Published on June 12, 2024
Suspected DUI Ends in Pursuit: Hayward Police Safely Apprehend Erratic Driver with ACSO Air SupportSource: Hayward Police Department

In what unfolded into a high-stakes vehicular encounter, Hayward Police Department officers came across an unresponsive individual in a car reportedly blocking traffic. The episode, which began with an attempt to assist the man, veered abruptly into a chase scenario as the driver launched into an evasive spree upon spotting police lights. The police interpreted the individual's erratic driving as possible impairment from alcohol or drugs, as detailed by the Hayward Police Department.

Efforts to safely apprehend the suspect intensified as he ignored multiple traffic signals, trudging forward through stop signs and red lights. Eventually, officers, with air support from the Alameda County Sheriff's Office, managed to bring an end to the chase. They strategically deployed stop sticks and performed a Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT) to halt the rogue vehicle. Running stop signs and red lights, the man had previously tried to escape the police at slower speeds but was finally stopped.

Upon being detained, the police searched the man's vehicle, which turned up suspected narcotics and drug paraphernalia. He now faces several charges that include, but are not limited to, suspected DUI, evading police, and drug possession. The swift actions that led to a "safe resolution of this incident", were acknowledged by the Hayward Police Department with gratitude extended to ACSO for their aerial assistance.

The reminder serves as a stark note of caution to the community: "Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is extremely dangerous and puts everyone at risk." Echoing the Hayward Police Department's statement, the public is urged to be vigilant and to report any suspicious or unsafe driving behaviors. It's a collective effort to ensure the safety of our streets.