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Published on June 11, 2024
TDOT Rolls Out Traffic Management Plan for I-24 During Bonnaroo Festival in TennesseeSource: Facebook/Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival

As the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival approaches, the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) is implementing strategies to ensure traffic on I-24 flows without major hitches. The festival, which significantly impacts travel dynamics in Southern Middle Tennessee, is set to cause a spike in vehicular activity, but TDOT has coordinated with various agencies to help manage the surge, FOX 17 reports.

TDOT's comprehensive effort includes posting maintenance units throughout the region, having HELP trucks patrol the interstate and state routes, using Exit 111 (SR-55) as the festival's main artery while offering alternative exits in case of congestion, and enacting a temporary construction moratorium from June 12 to June 17 to help mitigate travel delays, according to details obtained by NewsChannel 9. Moreover, TDOT Commissioner Butch Eley emphasized the agency's dedication to "keep thru traffic moving smoothly on I-24 while getting festivalgoers safely in and out of the Bonnaroo site." Deputy Governor and TDOT Commissioner Butch Eley told WATE.

To keep festival-induced congestion to a minimum, traffic will be directed to keep to the right lane or shoulder, leaving the left lane open for non-festival transit. Additionally, guarded median crossovers were designed to ensure emergency vehicles have clear paths of transit. This plan extends to the use of county roads by emergency vehicles, which will be maintained at low volume. Temporary communication towers are also being installed to bolster emergency communications throughout the event.

Aiding travelers, variable message signs will alert drivers to upcoming delays, ensuring they can make informed decisions while on the road. Should festivalgoers or travelers need assistance, dialing *THP (*847) will connect them to the nearest THP dispatch office, and a state trooper can be dispatched to their location. These measures, including the strategically stationed HELP trucks, are part of the broader initiative described by TDOT to counterbalance the traffic strains imposed by Bonnaroo's communion of art, self-expression, and togetherness.