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Published on June 12, 2024
Wright County Road Closure Update: CSAH 30 May Reopen by Wednesday Evening Following Swift Culvert ReplacementSource: Unsplash/the blowup

Commuters and residents around Wright County have been keeping a close eye on the CSAH 30 road closure that has connected Howard Lake to Waverly in Victor Township. According to a statement from the Wright County Highway Department, efforts to swiftly replace the damaged culvert, which spurred the road closure, have been successful in part. On Monday, workers managed to install 50 feet of the required 74 feet of the new 48-inch culvert.

The department's optimistic plans are to swiftly finish the repairs and repaving, setting sights to possibly reopen the road by Wednesday evening, June 12, or the following morning. "The hope (weather permitting) is to remove the failed culvert, switch the water flow to the new culvert, and start the backfilling process today (Tuesday, June 11)," stated the department. The expectation is that, if no unforeseen issues arise, the process of repaving the affected stretch will quickly follow on Wednesday.

CSAH 30 serves as a significant link between communities, and the abrupt closure has undoubtedly impacted daily travel. A detour has been in place, rerouting traffic through CSAH 6 and CSAH 8, while the Highway Department tends to the critical infrastructure failure.

As the community anticipates a return to normalcy, the Highway Department reiterates its commitment to ensuring a safe and swift reopening. The quick procurement of a replacement culvert illustrates their aim to mitigate any extended disruptions to the daily flow of life around Victor Township. "With the anticipation of repaving the impacted area Wednesday (June 12) and reopen the road to traffic Wednesday evening or in the morning (Thursday) if things go as planned," they express in a message brimming with measured hope.