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Published on July 10, 2024
East 7th Street in Saint Paul Set for Rejuvenation with DEED Grant Supporting Eco-Friendly Overhaul and Affordable HousingSource: City of Saint Paul, MN

The future landscape of East 7th Street in Saint Paul is slated for significant transformation with a focus on community revitalization and economic growth after the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) dispensed a grant aimed at cleansing the vestiges of pollution, as reported by the City of Saint Paul's official news.

The grant, amounting to $138,944, is part of a state-wide initiative to rejuvenate contaminated sites, the specific parcel at 892 East 7th Street, long tainted by its past as an auto repair facility bears the onerous legacy of petroleum amongst other pollutants, and thanks to DEED's envelope of funds, the contours of the neighborhood are poised for an eco-conscious overhaul, introducing a tandem of 40,000 square feet of commercial space and 60 affordable homes crafted by Project for Pride in Living (PPL).

Anticipated to conjure up 56 new jobs, swell the fiscal pool by $74,567, and magnetize a staggering $16.6 million in private capital, this remediation and redevelopment are expected to sprout tangible benefits for the local community; the grant from DEED is merely the cornerstone with additional financial support stemming from the project's developer and various grant sources supplementing the revivification process. DEED's Contamination Cleanup Grants shoulder up to 75% of the decontamination expenses at select sites, leaving the balance to local governments and those vested in redevelopment.

Commissioner Matt Varilek of DEED underscored the importance of the grants as a linchpin for community propagation stating, "The contamination cleanup and investigation grant program is one tool DEED relies on to ensure Minnesota's communities are able to continue to thrive," and emphasizing how the employment opportunities and leveraged investment brought on by projects like that on East 7th Street are set to leave a conspicuously beneficial print on the communities they are enmeshed within.