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Published on July 10, 2024
San Francisco Man Charged with Attempted Murder of Deputies During Eviction Standoff on Roosevelt WaySource: Google Street View

Developments have emerged surrounding an eviction-turned-shootout on Roosevelt Way in San Francisco. SF District Attorney Brooke Jenkins has announced charges against Eric Notrick, 42, after a violent exchange with law enforcement officials. Notrick, who discharged a firearm at deputies during the execution of an eviction notice, faces multiple charges, including five counts of attempted murder of a public official. Notrick pleaded not guilty to all counts on Monday, as reported by the SF District Attorney.

Last Wednesday, deputies went to enforce an eviction at Notrick's residence. According to authorities, upon knocking and announcing the eviction, Notrick vehemently protested and then proceeded to fire seven shots through the door at the deputies, spurring an urgent response from the San Francisco Police Department. After hours of negotiations, the officers eventually took Notrick into custody, which District Attorney Jenkins described as a dangerous encounter. Jenkins expressed her gratitude to the Sheriff's Department and SFPD for handling the situation and ensuring no one was physically hurt.

Given the gravity of the offenses, prosecutors have motioned to detain Notrick pending his trial, citing a significant public safety concern. The court has agreed with this assessment and has detained Notrick without prejudice. Additionally, the court has mandated a stay-away order for each victim involved in the incident. Notrick's next court appearance is slated for July 30, where a preliminary hearing date will be set.

While charges have been pressed and Notrick remains in custody, the SF District Attorney's office highlights that this is still an open case. The public has been urged to come forward with any pertinent information by contacting the SFPD at 415-575-4444 or by texting TIP411 with the message beginning with SFPD.