Commercial Being Filmed Today At Timbuk2

Commercial Being Filmed Today At Timbuk2
Photo: Jared Schwartz/Hoodline
By Jared Schwartz - Published on April 18, 2014.
The Timbuk2 store in Hayes Valley is about to become famous. Sort of. 

We recently spotted a poster on Hayes Street that said "Filming Notice!" It explains that an unknown filming production is doing a project today from 11am-8pm at Timbuk2 (506 Hayes). According to the poster, "all filming will occur (at) Timbuk2, La Boulange, In Bed, Cafe La Vie, Sidewalk, and Patricia's Green."

They even wrote "We will treat your neighborhood with respect and hope to keep our short stay a welcomed one." Much appreciated.

After reaching out to someone at the "unknown filming production" to learn more but not hearing back, we swung by the Timbuk2 store to see if they knew anything. Turns out they knew everything. 

Jared Fickel, the store manager at Timbuk2, told us "Citibank is filming a commercial in the store about local manufacturing. They're actually using our store to fill in for the one in Singapore."

According to Jared, Citibank wants to show that despite many companies in the US manufacturing products overseas and selling them here, TimBuk2 is doing the opposite by producing their bags locally and selling them in Asia and other locations abroad.

All of this comes just three weeks after ABC was here filming a pilot for a new drama

Timbuk2 will be closed tomorrow between 11:30am-1:30pm for filming, but then will be open after that until they close at 7pm. Make sure to look for our (Singapore's) store in a commercial sometime in the next few months.