Progress Report: The Upper Haight Needs [Fill In The Blank]

Progress Report: The Upper Haight Needs [Fill In The Blank]
Photo: Amy Stephenson/Hoodline
By Amy Stephenson - Published on June 05, 2014.
Back in our infancy, in March of 2012, we asked you what the neighborhood was missing. It was our biggest story yet, and lots of you weighed in.
Well, it's 2 years later. Let's see which of your wishes came true. Here were the most popular suggestions, plus where we stand on them now. 

  • By far the most popular suggestion: Chinese food. Sadly, this one's a NO.
  • A close second was Japanese food. Also: NO.
  • There was huge demand for "a semi-nice restaurant." Hear that, Sparrow Bar? We're calling this one a YES. 
  • A bakery. While we don't have an Arizmendi, the Haight Street Market has really expanded their selection. We're calling this a SORT-OF.
  • More nightlife. Sadly, the nightlife options have remained much the same. We're calling this one a NO. 
  • There was a lot of discussion about sidewalk accessibility issues. We're gently reminding everyone about the Public Realm Plan meeting next week, and calling this a NOT YET.
  • A few of you wanted to swap McDonald's for an In N Out Burger. NO.
  • A few of you also wanted to close Whole Foods. NO.
  • There was demand for a non-Wells Fargo bank. There is a Chase ATM on Cole now, so we're calling this a SORT OF.
  • Walgreens. While the one on Stanyan isn't too far, Judge Hoodline is still calling this one for NO.
  • The return of old, dirty, dive-bar Murios. Sadly, it's still New Murios. You can watch it in its glory here. This one's a NO. 
  • There were calls for a bowling alley. Nope. This one's a NO.
  • Lots of you wanted better coffee. With how much time we spend at Stanza and Flywheel, we're calling this one a YES.
Okay, up next are the one-offs. Let's see which of these came to be. 

  • Korean food. Oh, man, we wish this was a yes, but sadly, it's a NO.
  • One of you wanted a used bookstore. While Green Apple is opening a satellite store a little closer, we're still calling this a NO. 
  • Vietnamese food. NO.
  • There was a comment to close the quick cash joint that used to be at Haight & Masonic. YES!
  • One of you wanted a music venue. Since Second Act promises live music, we're calling this a SORT-OF.
  • A laundromat. We're right there with you. Sadly, NO.
  • Another beer bar, in addition to Magnolia. NO.
  • A video store to return to the 'hood. NO.
  • There was a call for better AT&T coverage. This one's tricky. More service has been added, but the jury's out on how much it actually helped. We're calling this one for SORT-OF.
  • A bar with second floor seating for people watching.  Hello again, Sparrow! YES.
  • There was a call for an ethnic market. Sadly, NO.
  • One of you wanted to close Tikka Masala. You got your wish twice. That's a YES.
  • A community drop-in spot. Great idea. NO.
  • Improve the bike light at Fell & Masonic. We're filing this under SORT-OF.
  • More bike racks. There's a rack outside FTC now, and if you don't think that's enough, we direct you again to the Public Realm Plan meeting. Calling this a YES.
  • Our final one-off was a call for People's Cafe to reopen, and we're happy to call this one a YES.
Are you happy with what's changed? How would you alter this list? Tell us in the comments.