Last Days And Hot Items At 97 Cent Plus

Last Days And Hot Items At 97 Cent Plus
Photos: Stephen Jackson / Hoodline
By Stephen Jackson - Published on December 05, 2014.
Back in September, we reported that Divisadero’s 97 Cent Plus Store was up for sale. However, a few months after placing her business on the market, owner Deborah Keese has decided to instead liquidate the inventory herself and leave the location as soon as possible. 
“I hope to be out by the end of this month or the end of January," Keese told us. "Whatever I don’t get rid of here, I’ll sell at the flea market or on eBay."

Deborah faced a $1,000 rent increase last year and says she’s been struggling since. She also reports that the construction on Divisadero, which has been going on since mid-August, was “the nail in the coffin,” as it's made it difficult to park and took a toll on foot traffic to her business.
Although possible, the likelihood of another store like Keese's moving into the space seems slim, given the recent retail trend on the block. That said, we thought it would be helpful to point out some items available on her rack that you might find either useful or intriguing (or both!).

Christmas assortment- $0.97 to $3
If you're looking for a cost-effective way to spruce up the workplace, or are in need of some accoutrements for your ugly sweater party, this might be your place. Need a hat for Santacon or the Santa Skivvies Run for under a dollar? Look no further.

Plastic tea cups - $0.97 (set of four)
They aren’t ceramic, but they get the job done. Note the stylish pattern adorning the rim.

Tiny plate with rose print - $0.97 
These could be a nice complement to your new tea set.

Greeting cards - $0.97
Same ones you’ll find at CVS or Walgreens, only cheaper.

Raver party girl doll - $5
These come in three varieties. We’d describe them (from left to right) as “Intergalactic Belle”, “Funky Tiger Warrior On The Go”, and “That 70s Girl”.

Incense - $0.97
If incense is one of those things you always end up needing, you can always head to Your Scents Trading. However, if your needs are more specific, give this stuff a try.

Basic stationery items - $1 - $2
Everything pictured here is one or two bucks. Classic composition notebooks, binders, large envelopes, and all that other stuff you can never find in your apartment is available right here at door-buster prices.

Condoms with edgy names - $0.97

Prayer candles -$1.30
These babies provide great ambient lighting to any room, secular or otherwise.

Super Airplanest Naigator with Flashing Enter - $0.97
The name says it all.

Various kitchen items - $1

That’s right, every item you see here is available for one dollar.

Slayer flask - $10
Far and away the most expensive item featured, the Slayer flask is for that fickle relative you just can’t please over the holidays. This year, say “I love you” with Slayer.

With 97 Cent Plus likely closing this month or next, there's no better time than the present to stop by the shop, bid farewell to Keese, and snag some supplies for bargain-basement prices.