'Saltroot Bakery' Brings Brazilian Cheese Puffs To Outer Richmond [Updated]

'Saltroot Bakery' Brings Brazilian Cheese Puffs To Outer Richmond [Updated]Pão de queijo (Photo: Batista SL/flickr)
Camden Avery
Published on January 12, 2017

In a couple of weeks, Saltroot Bakery will be heading to 2960 Clement St. The storefront, previously incarnated as C31 Shabu Ramen (and before that, in turn, Pineapple Kingdom, Olga's Bakery, Le Cafe and Ramen Express), will be the first retail location for Saltroot.

"Our end of year Christmas present this year is a little cafe we're going to open here," said owner John Goyert. He's shooting for a January 15th launch.

Previously a cottage food operation based in the Outer Sunset, Saltroot makes pão de queijo, or "Brazilian ... little gluten free cheese puffs," Goyert said.

2960 Clement St. | Photo: Camden Avery/Hoodline

He and partner Juliana Okada, both Brazilian and new to San Francisco as of last July, started making pão de queijo at home.

"Pão de queijo is a traditional Brazilian recipe," he said. "We started looking for ways to sell them, even before we decided to open a cafe. We sell bags of frozen [puffs] at $6 for 10 for people to bake at home. And in the cafe, people will be able to buy them freshly baked too."

In addition to selling warm and frozen pão de queijo in the cafe, Goyert and Okada are planning to expand their offering beyond Brazilian cheese puffs.

"We've had so many good conversations with other bakers in the area that we're also going to try to sell good savory pastries from other countries and traditions," Goyert said.

And while the details of further offerings are still in the works, "We want to launch with green juices made to order, and with fruits, salads, and good espresso with milk from happy cows," he noted.

Saltroot's goods are currently made with all organic ingredients, and Goyert said they will continue to try to focus on organic food as the business expands.

Update, 2/1: John Goyert told us that unfortunately, the shop's opening is currently being delayed by some delivery hiccups. Now, he said, "We should be open by February 15th." Tentative hours for the shop have been set from 7am-7pm, but Goyert said that was definitely subject to change depending on how things went.