'Tancca' To Blend Into Richmond's Milk Tea Scene

'Tancca' To Blend Into Richmond's Milk Tea Scene
Photo: Camden Avery/Hoodline
By Camden Avery - Published on September 15, 2017.

After years in semi-dormancy as G&G Produce and months closed entirely, the next chapter for the storefront at 5015 Geary Blvd. (between 14th & 15th Avenues) has finally emerged.

Tancca, a provisioner of milk teas and related snacks, will open for business at the busy Geary-Park Presidio corridor in a couple of weeks, said owner Susan Zhen.

Jasmine green milk tea with puffcream from the North Beach location. | Photo: Shirley/Yelp

The shop is the second location for the North Beach-based eatery (776 Broadway). Zhen said that while the snack menu is still under design and will differ from the shop's original location, the drinks menu will remain the same.

According to its Facebook page, Tancca offers "milkteas that are made with fresh milk and freshly brewed teas," specializing in "puffcream, himalayan salt milkfoam, and cheese milk foam."

Prices range from $2.75 to $4.75, plus add-ons. And despite being accompanied by less fanfare than the recently opened, EDM-themed tea house Gosu, Zhen said they're excited to launch in the Richmond, the neighborhood she also calls home.

Zhen said they should be full up and running by the beginning of October.