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Published on July 31, 2020
Jane The Bakery in talks to re-open Toy Boat Dessert Cafe, carrying on 38-year traditionPhoto: Camden Avery/Hoodline

There's good news today for fans of Toy Boat Dessert Cafe, the Inner Richmond's 38-year-old soda fountain.

It's been two months since Jesse and Roberta Fink decided to sell the cafe with name, fixtures and furnishings intact, to retire from business and spend more time with family.

Now, Amanda Michael, proprietor of Jane The Bakery, said she's in the process of figuring out what a Jane rendition of Toy Boat would look like. After some preliminary meetings with city health and planning officials yesterday, she's said she's optimistic.

Michael, who grew up going to Toy Boat as a high school student and later taking her children there, said she wants to keep the nuts and bolts of the cafe the same.

"We're not looking at doing a whole revamp at all," Michael said. "Just a little bit of Jane brought into a lot of Toy Boat. I want the feel to stay the same."

Michael founded Jane in 2011 at 2123 Fillmore St., adding a second location at 925 Larkin St. in 2013 along with a catering department and a full bakery. The bakery now has a location of its own — Jane The Bakery, at 1881 Geary St., which opened in 2016.

Jane has made a name for itself offering a broad array of artisan breads and pastries, and cafe-style menus with sandwiches, salads, breakfasts and more.

With an eye on opening during the pandemic, Michael said the focus would be on grab-and-go offerings, like the salads, sandwiches and baked goods for sale at Jane The Bakery.

The ice cream, she said, will stay the same. "Who doesn't need ice cream right now?" she joked. "I know I do."

Michael said there's a lot still unknown before the sale is a done deal, and a lot of permitting and planning to get through. She said she hopes to bring Jane to the Inner Richmond as quickly as possible, by the end of August if all goes well, just to get the space reopened and serving again.

"It's a great space," she said. "I love that neighborhood so much."

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