Sawyer Camp Trail Set for Thanksgiving Reopening in San Mateo County

Sawyer Camp Trail Set for Thanksgiving Reopening in San Mateo CountySource: County of San Mateo
Eileen Vargas
Published on November 23, 2023

In a delight for trail enthusiasts, the venerable Sawyer Camp Trail on the Crystal Springs Regional Trail is set to reopen just in time for Thanksgiving hikes and bike rides. A San Mateo County Parks announcement heralded the completion of urgent repairs on a 25-foot-wide and 7-foot-deep gap that mother nature's fury had ripped open earlier this year.

The extensive restoration, which included culvert refurbishments and the fortification of slopes with rocks, marries function with durability. The project, fast-tracked over 10 days to minimize disruption, aims not only to provide a serene escape but also to withstand storms. 

The storms in early 2023 had a significant impact on several San Mateo County Parks, including Sawyer Camp Trail. Yet, thanks to some robust engineering and a splash of asphalt, “the entire trail is scheduled to reopen Friday, November 24,” as proudly reported by the county parks' team.

However, the Ralston Bike Trail, a key route for those looking to loop into the Crystal Springs area, remains out of commission. A project by PG&E has requisitioned the trail for gas pipeline tests. PG&E recently requested an extended deadline "through November 30 for your safety and the safety of PG&E crews," according to the County of San Mateo news report.