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Boca Betrayal, Teen Cuffed for Cold-Blooded Killing of Best Pal in Backyard Ambush

Boca Betrayal, Teen Cuffed for Cold-Blooded Killing of Best Pal in Backyard AmbushSource: Google Street View
Carlos Mendez
Published on December 07, 2023

A 15-year-old boy from Boca Raton is behind bars, accused of the fatal shooting of his best friend in what he initially claimed was self-defense. Dylan Dantas has been charged with first-degree murder after an incident that took place on August 7 in the backyard of his home, according to a report by Boca Post. Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office deputies found the suspect unarmed and took him into custody following the shooting.

In a narrative that quickly unraveled, Dantas had called 911 claiming self-defense, saying he shot someone who he believed was trying to break into his house. Deputies arrived at the residence at 6836 Bianchini Circle to find the suspect making statements about self-defense, as reported by WPBF. However, the investigation unearthed evidence contradicting his claims.

Video surveillance obtained by law enforcement depicts a different scenario, one wherein the suspect was seen on camera saying, "Come to the backyard. Where you at?" before shortly after, shooting the victim out of the camera's view. The victim, who was unarmed, is heard calling out the suspect's name before he is shot. Fatal wounds were inflicted within mere seconds of the victim entering the yard.

The complexity of the case extends into digital communications between the two friends, with messages showing that the suspect had invited the victim over to the residence. Deputies noted that the collected electronic evidence and video footage did not match the narrative provided by Dantas, who claimed the shooting was in self-defense. Among the evidence, nine spent bullet casings and an empty firearm were also found at the crime scene, according to Boca Post.

Contrary to the suspect's initial statement to 911 operators that his life was threatened, investigators deemed that not only did he lure the victim to his home, but he was also the one introducing a firearm into the situation. A series of text and voice communications between Dantas and the victim on the day of the murder have been uncovered from Dantas' cell phones. Dantas now faces additional charges of Possession Of Weapon – Or Ammo By Fla Delinquent Adult Felony along with Homicide – Murder Dangerous Depraved Wo Premeditation.

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