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Child and Mother in Critical Condition After North Lauderdale House Fire, Two Others Injured

Child and Mother in Critical Condition After North Lauderdale House Fire, Two Others InjuredSource: Google Street View
Livi Miller
Published on December 09, 2023

A blaze in North Lauderdale left a 3-year-old girl and her mother in critical condition early Friday. The fire, which also injured two men, occurred at a home on the 8100 block of Southwest 11th Street, as reported by NBC Miami. According to North Lauderdale Fire Rescue, the fire appeared to originate from an outside corner of the house, where a golf cart was plugged in.

Firefighters arrived on the scene to find the residence engulfed in flames. According to an NBC Miami interview, North Lauderdale Fire Rescue Division Chief Nelson Canizares said, "The police was here at arrival, too, and they advised that there was some victims on the back side of the structure, and that’s when they pulled them out," The fire crew performed CPR on the 34-year-old woman before rushing her to the hospital in critical condition.

The other two victims, described as a man in his 30s and a man in his 20s, are reported by Local 10 to be in stable condition. The city manager of North Lauderdale disclosed that there were no smoke detectors present in the house, which might have alerted the four individuals to the danger sooner.

"One of our firefighters and our captains were able to pull out two victims and were able to save them and take them to the front of the house, and were able to initiate CPR on the mother and were able to pull out the 3-year-old daughter, as well," Canizares told NBC Miami.

A neighbor, Michelle Barandes, recounted to Local 10, “It was terrifying in the middle of the night, you know, to get woken up out of a dead sleep to come out and see your neighbor’s house burning like that.”

The exact cause of the fire is still under investigation, but officials have raised concerns about safety precautions in the home. Meanwhile, the displaced family is now receiving assistance from the American Red Cross, as their home remains uninhabitable.

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