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Published on January 28, 2024
Persistent Water Main Breaks Plague Dixmoor, Officials Plead for $50 Million OverhaulSource: Google Street View

The small village of Dixmoor, located in the southern suburbs of Chicago, is making headlines again for its troubling water infrastructure problems. For years, residents have been facing a constant battle with water main breaks, and the past week has been particularly challenging with four breaks occurring since Monday, as reported by NBC Chicago. The latest incident took place near Lincoln Elementary School, flooding a block and causing significant disturbances to the community.

President of the Village of Dixmoor, Fitzgerald Roberts, pointed his finger at the ancient infrastructure. "It’s a six-inch main, (and) it pretty much flooded the block out,” he told NBC Chicago. With engineers estimating the age of pipes to be around 120 years, the weather cycles that push temperatures above and below freezing have exacerbated the stresses on this already frail system.

Roberts has been vocal about the village's need for substantial financial and governmental support to overhaul the problematic water network. He projected a hefty sum in the ballpark of $50 million to rectify the issue permanently. "Dixmoor will be much better once we get our funding in and we can get this infrastructure done," he optimistically stated.

Despite the grim scenarios, there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel as some pipes have already been replaced, and plans for further improvements in the spring are in the pipeline. On the other side of town, hundreds of Dixmoor's residents were slapped with a boil order after Wednesday's water main break. This break was just one of many faced by the community, according to additional coverage by CBS News. In the midst of these trials, Roberts remains steadfast, he relayed, "but God is blessing us with the funding that is starting to trickle in - and we'll be able to repair as many breaks and replace as many mains as possible."

Earlier funding efforts have resulted in a $2 million contribution from various government entities to tackle the waterworks woes. Practical relief also came in the form of over 500 gallons of water distributed to residents affected by the service disruptions. With the consistent effort and future projects slated, the residents of Dixmoor hope that the days of persisting leaks and patches will soon be nothing more than a bygone era.