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Published on February 22, 2024
Deerfield Beach Woman Charged with Attempted Murder of 88-Year-Old Father in Hospice CareSource: Broward Sheriff's Office

In a bizarre case emerging from Deerfield Beach, a 66-year-old woman is accused of trying to take the life of her ailing 88-year-old father, who was residing in hospice care at Broward Health North. Lori Lee Brucker, who has been charged with attempted murder, allegedly choked her father—later discovered alive by a nurse, as reported by Florida News.

Authorities took Brucker into custody last Friday after the nurse claimed to have caught her in the act. Initially held without bond, Brucker now appears set to bond out of jail on a $10,000 bond, according to her attorney, Ken Padowitz, in a statement obtained by Local 10 News. He expressed that the "very low bond" implies the weakness of the case against her.

The Broward Sheriff's Office report detailed that Brucker was observed by a nurse with her hand over her father's mouth and the other hand seemingly choking him. Further, it was stated that the bed was pressed against the wall, possibly to further obstruct his breathing, despite prior warnings from the nurse about such actions. Similar accounts from the hospital staff led to Brucker and her boyfriend being escorted out and the subsequent involvement of law enforcement.

Padowitz argues that Brucker, who is wheelchair-bound, has been mistakenly accused. "I cannot believe that this lady in a wheelchair was arrested based on this very flimsy evidence," Padowitz told Local 10 News. He emphasized that she cared deeply for her father, and a witness is prepared to testify in her defense, claiming that the alleged incident "just not true."

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