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Published on March 04, 2024
Chicago-Area Suspect Charged in Valentine's Day Parking Garage Robbery SpreeSource: Google Street View

A Chicago-area man has been slapped with charges after he allegedly targeted a woman in a parking garage mugging, cops say. The ambush comes after the culprit reportedly shadowed the victim straight from the ATM to her residential building.

The vicious encounter unfolded on Valentine's Day, with Wayne Frazier, 26, and an accomplice accused of trailing the lady from a Buffalo Grove bank to her home in Wheeling's 500 block of West Dundee Road, according to CBS Chicago. Authorities allege that the duo lay in wait until the woman parked her car before they pushed her down and proceeded to ruthlessly rob her.

Frazier's capture resulted from a routine traffic stop in Riverwoods on Sunday, with police referencing surveillance footage to pin him to the crime. While the heist at the parking garage has landed him one firm count of robbery, the law enforcement rumor mill suggests this might just be the tip of the iceberg. The perpetrator is suspected to have his fingerprints on a spree of similar stick-ups throughout the area, as noted by ABC7 Chicago. Additional charges out of Arlington Heights, Berwyn, and Summit could soon follow.

Amid a rash of these predatory heists, police are sounding the alarm, cautioning the public to be extra vigilant after withdrawals. Folks spooked by potential followers should firmly stay put in their vehicles and swiftly dial 911. Cops across these Chicago burbs are on high alert, as they piece together the puzzle of interconnected robberies that have unsettled the local communities.