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Published on March 04, 2024
Chicago Police Urge Vigilance Amid Spate of Armed Robberies in Calumet AreaSource: Chicago Police Department

The Chicago Police Department has issued a warning to local businesses after a series of armed robberies struck the Calumet area, prompting concern among shop owners and patrons alike. In a series of incidents that appear to be connected, an armed male suspect has targeted businesses, demanding cash at gunpoint. The CPD detailed the sequence of events in a recent business alert, advising owners to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

According to the alert, the suspect, described as wearing a black hoodie, black pants, gloves, and a face mask, has so far carried out robberies in three distinct locations. Clothes would hardly seem a match for the freezing January weather in which the crimes took place, but the suspect nonetheless seemed undeterred. The affected areas include the 200 block of East 103rd Street, the 11600 block of South Halsted Street, and the 100 block of West 111th Street, with robberies occurring on January 7, 13, and 20, respectively. The latest incident happened just after nightfall, at approximately 8:25 P.M.

Surveillance video capturing one of the robberies has been made public in the hope that citizens might help identify the perpetrator. This footage can be viewed online; the CPD has encouraged anyone with information to step forward. The department's plea follows the uneasy pattern these crimes have carved into the community's sense of security, leaving shop owners and employees, particularly on edge as they close up at night.

As these robberies continue to weigh heavily on the minds of Calumet residents, police have escalated their efforts to track down the robber who's been seen wielding a firearm with a chilling resolve. Authorities are asking anyone with information about the crimes or the suspect to promptly contact the Area South Bureau of Detectives.