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Published on April 22, 2024
Arizona Sees 53% Jump in Child Neglect and Abuse Deaths, Phoenix Nonprofit Seeks Crucial SupportSource: Google Street View

The tragic tally of neglected and abused children in Arizona has surged, with state data revealing a harrowing 53% increase in such deaths since 2020, according to ABC15. In the face of a grim 146 fatalities in 2022, Childhelp, a Phoenix-based national nonprofit, is calling for aid to continue providing for its 400 monthly charges.

With a substantial portion of help being funneled to younger victims, Childhelp's senior director Kathy Emig pointed out the acute need for age-appropriate donations for teenagers, "So while people love to buy things for younger children, they don’t think about that teen population," she told ABC15.

Amidst these trying times, the group heralds its 17th annual Fashion Show and Luncheon set for Sunday as a beacon for funding. The proceeds from the event will bolster Childhelp’s initiatives in Arizona, supporting a breadth of programs and services. Beyond events, Emig encourages public donations which can be contributed online or in-kind with essentials like gift cards, clothing, or toys.

Responding to this critical issue, the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family (GOYFF) is offering a helping hand via the Child Abuse Prevention and Advocacy License Plate Grant. The grant, promising nearly $100,000, seeks to fortify Arizona's child abuse and neglect prevention programs, as reported by GOYFF. Entities with a solid two-year background in trauma-informed services, including 501(c)(3) Organizations and Tribal entities, are welcome to apply for the grant which could amount to up to $25,000 annually, per grantee.

Revenue for this grant initiative comes from the sale of special vehicle license plates, an effort that's been driving support since November 1999. A plate’s $25 price tag includes a $17 tax-deductible contribution, setting wheels in motion to safeguard the state's vulnerable youth. For interested parties, a pre-application conference via Zoom is scheduled, details of which can be acquired through registration on the GOYFF website.