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Published on May 29, 2024
Gunfire Strikes Miami High-Rise Near Toddler's High Chair, Police Investigate Possible Source From Adjacent BuildingSource: Unsplash/ Scott Rodgerson

A bewildering rain of gunfire targeted a high-rise building in downtown Miami, leaving residents, including a mother and her young children, shaken but unharmed. According to Local 10 News, the incident occurred Sunday night with three apartment units coming under fire. One homeowner, Vivian Olodun, recounted receiving a distressing call from her children's nanny who heard the gunshots.

"I know that they were just in this space," Olodun told Local 10 News, expressing her relief that her children were not by the window when the bullets struck. Police believe the shots might have originated from a neighboring high-rise, and as of Tuesday, windows were seen covered with makeshift barriers following the shattering of the glass.

Vivian Olodun further shared her alarm in an interview with NBC Miami, saying, "You know, if somebody was really playing target practice into my house, you would have shot my child. You would have killed her." The bullet had come dangerously close to a high chair where her toddler was sitting shortly before the incident. The impact-resistant windows fortunately prevented the bullet from fully penetrating the apartment.

Olodun, who moved to Miami nearly two decades ago in search of safety and opportunity, was quoted by NBC Miami recounting her choice to make Miami her home. "I moved here from Los Angeles nearly 20 years ago because of the random violence that was happening in the city at the time and I stayed here because I feel safe, I love Miami and we need to think about what kind of city do we want to have," she said, reflecting on the incident that disrupted her sense of safety.

Despite the close call and the atmosphere of fear amongst the residents, the community still considers the downtown Miami and Brickell areas generally safe. As conveyed in a report from CBS News Miami, the family expressed their thankfulness that no physical injuries were sustained. In the meantime, Miami Police are vigorously pursuing leads to identify the shooter responsible for the unsettling episode that jarred the high-rise community.

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