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Published on June 05, 2024
132 Arrested, 38 Firearms Seized in Pompano Beach During 'Operation Trigger Lock'Source: Facebook/Broward Sheriff's Office

In Pompano Beach, a significant law enforcement operation named "Operation Trigger Lock" has culminated in the arrests of 132 individuals and the seizure of 38 firearms, as reported by NBC Miami. Spanning six weeks from mid-April to May's end, the effort aimed to quell the spike in gun violence and alleged drug dealing activities in the area, particularly in the northwest region of Pompano Beach. Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony emphasized the gravity of the arrests, stating, "I'm delighted that we didn't have to kill somebody out here. These are some very bad violent individuals, armed to the teeth, at times have more firepower than we do."

The collaborative sweep involved multiple units within the Broward Sheriff's Office working alongside federal agencies such as the ATF, DEA, FBI, and Homeland Security Investigation. According to a Local 10 news release, BSO spokesperson Veda Coleman-Wright confirmed that investigators executed 14 search warrants, apprehended individuals linked to narcotics and gun-related crimes, and recovered various weapons, including high-capacity firearms and drugs like fentanyl and heroin. The arrests included three documented gang members.

Amid the repercussions of 'Operation Trigger Lock', Sheriff Tony appealed to local officials to further address quality-of-life issues in the impacted areas. He underscored the need for improving local businesses that inadvertently serve as havens for criminal activity, and he advocated for enhanced educational and employment opportunities to mitigate crime in the long term. "We're literally taking people off who have shot at vehicles," Tony told Local 10. "It’s nice that we got them off the street."

While 'Operation Trigger Lock' has drawn to a close, authorities indicate that this is just the beginning of an ongoing struggle against crime in northwest Pompano Beach. Sheriff Tony assured the public that there would be a sustained enforcement presence in that region, and that investigations derived from the operation would press on. "We're not done, although this operation has been completed, we will continue to have a high tempo in the northwest part of Pompano and continue to work investigations that we already have acquired and continue to move forward with taking the worst of the worst off the streets," he concluded in the statement obtained by NBC Miami.

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