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Published on June 21, 2024
Jennifer McCormick Selects Former Lawmaker Terry Goodin as Running Mate in Indiana Governor's RaceSource: Facebook/Terry Goodin

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jennifer McCormick has fortified her campaign with a new ally, choosing Terry Goodin, a seasoned former lawmaker from southern Indiana, as her running mate—a choice that has sparked diverse reactions within the party. Goodin, who has treaded the conservative line in his former tenure, represented the Indiana State House from 2000 to 2020 and carries years of experience in educational leadership as superintendent of Crothersville Community Schools for 24 years, reports WISH-TV.

Reflecting on his past positions on issues like abortion and same-sex marriage, from Austin—a mere 35-minute drive from Louisville, Kentucky—Goodin has expressed regret over previous conservative votes, notably favoring abortion restrictions and a ban on same-sex marriage. With a new agenda, Goodin seeks to prioritize rural development and has committed to advocating tirelessly for LGBTQ+ rights and abortion services accessibility, as he voiced during the campaign trail, The Indy Star highlights.

Jennifer McCormick, in naming Goodin, positions her campaign on a plank of resolute support for traditional public schools and the fostering of union job growth, according to statements made by Goodin himself. His stance on these issues points to a broader commitment to rejuvenating Indiana's smaller communities and forging areas of new opportunity, he noted, in words captured by WISH-TV.

Yet, the pick does not come without contention. The McCormick-Goodin ticket must still win over the delegates who are the gatekeepers of the state's Democratic endorsement. With other candidates like Bob Kern and Clif Marsiglio in the mix for the state convention's lieutenant governor spot, and rumors of possible competition from Sen. J.D. Ford, McCormick's call for "restoring reproductive rights and freedoms" and promoting "good paying jobs" has invoked a mix of approval and skepticism amongst the party base. This latest move, surfaced in a news event in Indianapolis recently, was initially covered in depth by Indiana Capital Chronicle.

Agricultural expertise also features in Goodin's portfolio; he served as the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Indiana state director for rural development—a position appointed by President Joe Biden. As someone who runs four state agencies and ceremoniously presides over the Senate, potentially breaking tie votes, Goodin's vast experience, especially with his history of living and working on the family beef-cattle farm, could add a layer of practical governance to McCormick's campaign, as outlined by WISH-TV.