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Published on November 29, 2017
Live & Let Pie: Mediterranean 'Bizza' To Open On Haight StreetPhoto: Camden Avery/Hoodline

After some speculation, we can now confirm that 1463 Haight St. is being transformed into a pizzeria.

Bizza, expected to open late next month, will be the newest addition to the Upper Haight's flatbread landscape, currently anchored by Escape From New York (1737 Haight St.) and Slice House (1535 Haight St.), which opened last year.

Owner Sam Husary told Hoodline that construction is about 85 percent complete, with a projected opening date of about December 20, "if all goes well." The restaurant's name "is derived from our Mediterranean culture of pronouncing pizza 'bizza,'" he added.

Husary, who's operated neighboring Puff Puff Pass (1467 Haight St.) for 10 years, said he's "very familiar with the Haight and most of its neighbors."

When the opportunity to take over the former Hyperoptics store arose, he jumped on the opportunity, he said. Despite more than a year of permitting changes—the location wasn't coded for food service—the end is in sight.

Husary said he teamed up with a partner who has 15 years' experience in pizza making. "We will both be hands-on making sure we deliver the best quality food for the neighborhood."

The menu—about 90 percent set in stone, Husary said—ranges from pizza and calzones to salads, sandwiches and assorted, related snacks, like chicken wings, and mozzarella sticks.

Husary's twist on classic offerings will be a Mediterranean flair: za'atar, a staple seasoning from the Middle East, is a stock topping option, and the falafel pie comes with tahini and falafel.

Prices aren't yet set, but if construction stays on schedule you'll be able to drop in before New Year's for a slice.