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Published on May 21, 2024
Tiburon Traffic Stop Uncovers Homemade Key, Unlicensed Driver Taken into CustodySource: Tiburon Police Department

In Tiburon, an ordinary traffic stop escalated when police found more than expired tags on a vehicle. Captain Yee of the Tiburon Police Department pulled over a car only to discover that its ignition had been tampered with, housing a makeshift key from what appeared to be a modified kitchen utensil. Snapped during the traffic stop, photos shared by the department showcase the ingenuity of this crafty device designed to start vehicles without a proper key.

The driver, who had been driving without a license since 2004, had the homemade tool. Despite the car not being reported as stolen, the presence of such a tool suggested ill intent. Upon finding the driver in possession of the improvised key, Captain Yee took the unlicensed individual into custody. Having been unlicensed for nearly two decades, the driver's history with vehicles became murkier with this recent revelation.

Commenting on the incident, the Tiburon Police reminded the public of the risks associated with lapsed registrations and driving without a license. In their Instagram post, they said, "Don't let your registration lapse, and certainly, don't drive without a license!" The vehicle was subsequently towed away following the driver's arrest. The driver now faces charges for the possession of burglary tools and driving on a suspended license.