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Published on June 14, 2024
Millbrae Community At Ease After Sheriff Confirms Isolated Shooting Incident, No Public ThreatSource: Google Street View

Residents of Millbrae were on alert after an incident involving a solitary vehicle ended with one adult being injured and transported to a local hospital. The San Mateo County Sheriff's Office confirmed that the episode, which unfolded in the 200 block of Ashton Ave., was an "isolated incident," reinforcing that there was no peril to the community at large. This assurance was shared by the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office yesterday evening.

As details emerged, it became clear that this event in Millbrae was one of several "rapidly evolving incidents" occurring simultaneously across San Mateo, San Carlos, and Millbrae. However, the Sheriff's Office delineated, that the incident involving an individual with a gunshot wound found in the vehicle was not connected to the ongoing investigations in neighboring San Mateo PD's jurisdiction. In an update that followed, the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office noted, "While our investigation into the individual with the gunshot wound is active and ongoing, at this time, investigators believe no other individuals are involved."

The separation of the Millbrae incident from broader criminal activity in the area brought a momentary sigh of relief to residents. It was made clear that the gunshot wound sustained by the individual was the result of isolated circumstances – a stark contrast to any broader threat to public safety that could have been assumed during a day marked by law enforcement activity across multiple cities.

The community was previously on edge, but subsequent communications from the Sheriff's Office were designed to alleviate fears. "We want to reassure the community of Millbrae that there is no threat to the public," the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office stated, aiming to quell any anxiety stemming from the day's events. The Sheriff's Office has committed to providing additional updates as their investigation progresses, according to statements made on their social media outlets.