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Published on June 11, 2024
Redwood City Man Charged with Armed Robbery After Knife-Point Convenience Store IncidentSource: Google Street View

A recent armed robbery in Redwood City has led to the arrest of a local man, who is now facing serious charges. The incident took place at a convenience store located on 5th Avenue, where, reportedly, a suspect threatened a clerk with a knife after attempting to pilfer goods.

The event occurred on June 8, at around 12:17 p.m., when Luis Montes Hernandez allegedly entered the store, took goods without the intention to purchase, and then brandished a large knife at the store clerk, who then rightfully feared for his life. According to the Redwood City Police Department, the clerk retreated and contacted the authorities.

Responding swiftly to the call, Redwood City Police Officers arrived on the scene to investigate and were able to disseminate a description of the suspect to other law enforcement deputies in the area. It wasn't long before the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office had a male suspect detained, a mere stone's throw from where the crime took place.

The victim and an additional witness positively identified Luis Montes Hernandez as the perpetrator of the said armed robbery, found with the stolen items and the weapon used, a testimony to his alleged transgression. Subsequently, he was booked into the Maguire Correctional Facility, facing charges that included armed robbery and a violation of his probation. The Redwood City Police Department expressed gratitude to the deputies involved, "who located and detained the suspect," as mentioned in their official statement.