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Published on June 19, 2024
Shooting Suspect Arrested in San Mateo, Residents No Longer Urged to Shelter in PlaceSource: Google Street View

The San Mateo Police Department reported that a shooting suspect was arrested following an incident that took place near East Hillsdale Boulevard and South Norfolk Street. Police had urged residents in the vicinity to shelter in place during the apprehension of the individual believed to be involved in the shooting. According to the San Mateo Police Department, the situation began to unfold at approximately 4:44 pm when initial reports of a possible shooting with one to two victims came in.

Authorities quickly determined that there was just one victim, who was subsequently found in San Carlos after being driven from the scene and was taken care of at a local trauma center. In a separate incident, a victim of gunfire was reported in Millbrae. However, the investigation confirmed that this event was not connected to the shooting in San Mateo. As the law enforcement officers descended upon an apartment where the shooting suspect had allegedly taken refuge, negotiations led to a peaceful surrender, and the suspect was taken into custody.

The police department has since lifted the shelter-in-place, but officers are maintaining a presence in the area as the investigation continues. Residents can expect an official press release with more details to be issued tomorrow. In the interim, the department continues to work on determining if there is any connection between the incidents in Millbrae and San Carlos.

While the police presence is still notable, the community is no longer under the directive to shelter in place. The San Mateo Police Department has not yet released any information regarding the identity of the suspect or the condition of the victim. Further details are expected as police process the scene and investigate the motives and any connections between the separate incidents.