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Proud cat parent, Beatles superfan, and Bernal Heights resident.

Dec 02, 2020
San Francisco Portola

San Bruno Avenue murals celebrate Portola history, offer light during lockdown

In the Portola, this month signifies not just the end of an eventful year but the close of the Multi-Mural Community Art Project, a two-year effort that has culminated in three new murals along San Bruno Avenue.  Read More

Nov 20, 2020
San Francisco Sunnyside

Detroit Steps Project launches art contest to beautify Sunnyside stairway

Fitting in a year where public art and physically distant activities are the new norm, a Sunnyside neighborhood group is calling for art enthusiasts to participate in its 2020 Socially Distanced Drawing Contest, which begins this Sunday, November 22. Read More

Sep 21, 2020
San Francisco Dogpatch

Dogpatch neighbors form 'paddle club' to break in new park

Stand-up paddle boarder Adam Zolot hopes to introduce neighbors to a "great social distancing activity" at the Dogpatch's new park. Read More

Sep 17, 2020
San Francisco Bernal Heights

Alemany market to transform into free, pop-up drive-in

A celebration of local filmmakers and artists, Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema has shifted to a drive-in format for its 17th season. Read More

Aug 27, 2020
San Francisco Chinatown

Remembering Coby Yee, burlesque star of a bygone Chinatown

Yee, who died earlier this month, was known for her daring performances, handmade costumes and trailblazing status as one of Chinatown's first female nightclub owners. Read More

Aug 13, 2020
San Francisco Portola

3 new murals set to bring color to San Bruno Avenue

The first of the three Portola murals — painted by the artist behind the "Black Lives Matter" rock on Bernal Hill — is already up. Read More

Aug 03, 2020
San Francisco

From pigeon ads to panoramic hot dogs, artist uses San Francisco as 'playground' for viral videos

Pablo Rochat's offbeat videos — largely made near his North Beach home — have earned him a huge Instagram following. Read More

Jul 29, 2020
San Francisco Mission

San Francisco's first 'Community Fridge' brings free food to under-resourced Mission residents

Stocked with food donated by the community, the fridge has seen enormous demand from people in need. Read More

Jul 14, 2020
San Francisco Bernal Heights

Bernal Star owners hit with massive surprise bill for unpaid rent as re-opening rolls back

Adding to the financial struggles of shelter-in-place, the owners of Bernal Star are fighting back against their landlord, who is demanding $24,867.50 in unpaid rent by the end of the month. Read More

Jul 10, 2020
San Francisco Dogpatch

After long wait, Dogpatch finally gets a neighborhood grocery store

The new market, currently in its soft opening, brings fresh produce and essential goods to an area that has previously been called a “food desert.” Read More

Jun 29, 2020
San Francisco Bernal Heights

'Artists-in-place': Bernal Heights neighbors transform homes into outdoor gallery walk

Over 100 artists participated in Bernal Heights’ outdoor art “walk-by,” allowing neighbors to view their creations at a safe distance. Read More

Jun 16, 2020
San Francisco

Despite construction's return, SF's home improvement industry languishes

After required shutdowns in March and April, several local home improvement companies say that business hasn't bounced back. Read More

Jun 09, 2020
San Francisco Bernal Heights

SF Public Works removes 'Black Lives Matter' art from Bernal Hill rock [Updated]

Supervisor Hillary Ronen said she was "incensed" over the incident, and called for Public Works to apologize. Read More

Jun 08, 2020
San Francisco Bernal Heights Mission

Angkor Borei, one of SF's only Cambodian restaurants, to close permanently after 30 years

After struggling to stay afloat for several months, married owners Tom Prabpan and Chin Han Yat have decided to close their restaurant. Read More

Jun 05, 2020
San Francisco Bernal Heights

'Black Lives Matter' scrubbed from Bernal Hill rock; artist returns to paint it again

The "Black Lives Matter" art on the rock — long a space for public expression — was destroyed in less than 24 hours. Read More

May 22, 2020
San Francisco Divisadero

The story of a block: 13 Divisadero businesses on adjusting to a post-pandemic world

We interviewed every business on the 800 block of Divisadero Street. Their stories reveal a spectrum of financial fears, surprise successes and community uplift. Read More

Apr 06, 2020
San Francisco Bernal Heights

Hillside Supper Club closes permanently after 7 years, citing struggles from COVID-19

Mounting expenses due to COVID-19 led to the tough decision to close the popular Bernal Heights restaurant permanently. Read More

Mar 27, 2020
San Francisco Bernal Heights

Bernal Heights kids, teens launch quarantine-inspired community newspaper

Written entirely by Bernal youth, "Six Feet of Separation" offers everything from business news to comics to quarantine-centric horoscopes. Read More

Mar 20, 2020
San Francisco Japantown Polk

First escape game company in U.S. to close permanently

SF-based Real Escape Game, which was the first company to bring the popular Japanese trend to the U.S., is shutting down for good. Read More

Mar 11, 2020
San Francisco Sunnyside

Detroit Steps beautification project makes progress with help from local students

When completed, Sunnyside's Detroit Steps will be San Francisco's longest beautified stairway. Read More

Feb 28, 2020
Oakland Bernal Heights North Beach Outer Sunset Potrero Hill

The hardest easy solution to SF's small business crisis: Buying the building

For SF businesses, becoming their own landlords can be the solution to rising rents — and while it's not easy, it's not as hard as some may think. Read More

Feb 20, 2020
San Francisco Bernal Heights

Closure of Bernal Heights' Red Hill Station highlights compounding pressures on SF's restaurateurs

High rents, an increasingly unusable city health care program, and unrealistic taxes created a perfect storm, says the restaurant's former owner. Read More

Jan 28, 2020
San Francisco Japantown

Mums - Home of Shabu Shabu celebrates 40 years with legacy business recognition

Credited as one of the first restaurants to bring shabu shabu to the Bay Area, Mums is ringing in its fifth decade as a newly appointed SF Legacy Business. Read More

Dec 17, 2019
San Francisco Mission Outer Richmond

Community Music Center to expand Mission District campus

Now a legacy business, the music school — which has been at the same address for nearly a century — plans to double in size. Read More

Dec 16, 2019
San Francisco Bernal Heights

331 Cortland Marketplace, a launchpad for food entrepreneurs, shutters after ten years

The Bernal Heights marketplace, where several food entrepreneurs got their first start, will close on Dec. 22, to be replaced by a Pilates studio. Read More