Romalyn Schmaltz

Jan 13, 2020
San Francisco North Beach Polk Tenderloin

Prop. D retail vacancy tax campaign kicks off in North Beach

With unanimous support from the Board of Supervisors, Prop. D, which would tax owners of vacant retail spaces, will appear on the March 3, 2020 ballot Read More

Dec 06, 2019
San Francisco Chinatown North Beach

Washington Square Park returns to North Beach earlier than expected, with new features

SF Rec & Park gave North Beach neighbors an early holiday surprise, completing work a few weeks ahead of schedule. Read More

Apr 20, 2018
San Francisco North Beach

Beat Museum launches fundraising campaign, eyes expansion

Since 2003, the museum has sought to preserve Beat Generation memorabilia, culture and community. Read More

Oct 11, 2017
San Francisco North Beach

Community Resistance Blocks North Beach's 'Poets Plaza'

After a contentious meeting on the controversial plan, SFMTA decided against further study. Read More

Sep 22, 2017
San Francisco North Beach

'Vesuvio' Doorman Paul Grady Passes Away At 52

Born and raised in North Beach, Grady was a lifelong resident of the area. Read More

Sep 11, 2017
San Francisco North Beach

Family Members File Countersuit In Battle For Caffè Trieste's Future

The founder's son brought a case against his brother's widow and his niece. Now, they're countersuing. Read More

Aug 15, 2017
San Francisco North Beach

Trouble Brewing: Lawsuit May Force Closure Of Caffé Trieste

According to the suit, the once-friendly workings of the family business "have been replaced with rancor and disgust." Read More

Jun 12, 2017
San Francisco North Beach

RIP: North Beach Icon 'Captain Cool,' AKA Patrick LeBold

Well-known to residents and tourists, Captain Cool moved to North Beach just before the Summer of Love. Read More

May 29, 2017
San Francisco North Beach

RIP: 'Elvis Christ,' North Beach Street Artist

The artist combined poetry and social commentary with distinctive typography to make his mark on the neighborhood. Read More

Oct 14, 2016
San Francisco North Beach

RIP: Richard 'Specs' Simmons, Beloved North Beach Bar Owner

A remembrance of Specs Twelve Adler Museum Cafe's owner, and the many people he touched. Read More

Aug 03, 2016
San Francisco North Beach

RIP: June Osterberg, North Beach Reporter & Community Fixture

Osterberg, who resided in North Beach since 1954, was known for her community activism and journalism work. Read More

Jun 14, 2016
San Francisco North Beach

RIP: 'Papa' Giovanni Giotta, Founder of Caffè Trieste

The founder of North Beach's 60-year-old espresso mecca, who passed away this weekend, was known for his love of people and love of music. Read More

May 18, 2016
San Francisco North Beach

A Conversation With David Talbot, North Beach Journalist, Historian & Rabble-Rouser

The journalist and Salon founder spoke about his involvement in politics and his new progressive incubator and think tank. Read More

Jan 07, 2016
San Francisco North Beach

RIP: Roy Mottini, North Beach Fixture And Flaneur

Neighbors and friends recall the life of the flamboyant Caffé Trieste regular, who passed away on Monday. Read More

Dec 07, 2015
San Francisco North Beach

Getting To Know North Beach Fixture Roy Mottini

Few locals—or tourists—are indifferent to Roy, one of the true volunteer emcees of the North Beach experience. Read More