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Published on April 18, 2024
Castro Spanish/Mexican-Inspired Restaurant Copas Closing After Less Than 3 YearsPhoto: Steven Bracco/Hoodline

After less than three years, Castro casual Mexican/Spanish-influenced restaurant Copas (2223 Market) has announced its closure. Copas' last day in business is Saturday, April 20.

Copas co-owner Jessica Kapoor announced the news in an email to its customers.

“With heavy hearts but a bright outlook towards the future, we will be closing our doors,” said Kapoor.

“Running a restaurant in San Francisco these days is a true labor of love, and we have loved every single minute of our adventure,” added Kapoor.

Copas at 2223 Market St. closed on Saturday, April 20. | Photo: Steven Bracco/Hoodline


Copas opened in September 2021 in the space formerly occupied by Nomica and Izakaya Sushi Ran.

Copas’ veteran restaurant ownership group included Jagjeet (Jag) and Jessica Kapoor, and chef Julio Aguilera (La Urbana).

While Jagjeet and Jessica Kapoor have ties to the restaurant group behind two-Michelin-starred Saison, the restaurant was managed by a sister restaurant group, Golden State Restaurants.

However, the hospitality industry experience — and a rave from a Chronicle reviewer in 2023 — never appeared to draw significant foot traffic to the space and the restaurant struggled to attract a crowd. Following the closure announcement, Copas ownership did not respond to Hoodline's request for comment.

Competition in the Castro for Mexican/Latin food is strong and Copas struggled to stand out in a crowded field including nearby Mexican restaurants Santeria, Bonita Taqueria (soon to be Tacos El Tucán), Taco Boys, Zona Rosa, and La Tortilla.

Inside Copas restaurant at 2223 Market St. (2022). | Photo: Mark McHale/Instagram


Last year Copas briefly closed and pivoted to a more casual Mexican concept featuring Tijuana-style tacos inspired by the restaurant's chef.

Copas spokesperson Victoria Woolley told the San Francisco Chronicle the closure was largely due to increased food and labor costs. Woolley stated that "business was good."

“Unfortunately, when you look at the numbers on a page, it just could not work no matter what we did,” said Woolley.

Earlier this month, Copas boarded up its Shared Spaces parklet and was closed for private events which drew attention and questions about its status.

Copas recently boarded up its parklet due to vandalism and misuse. | Photo: Steven Bracco/Hoodline


When asked by a Hoodline reporter last week if the restaurant was closing, Woolley stated the parklet “faced persistent challenges with overnight vandalism and misuse.”

“We have been dealing with those issues for quite some time, unrelated to any operating hours or closure decisions,” added Woolley.

Woolley stated that Copas would be installing a gate and would be reopening the space. When asked, Woolley did not address whether the restaurant would be permanently closing.

With today’s announcement, we now know that Copas’ closure was imminent.

The space at 2223 Market has seen a great deal of turnover in the 12 years since neighborhood favorite 2223 Restaurant closed in 2012.

Since then, it’s housed five restaurants, none lasting longer than a few years: Jake’s on Market, Pesce, Nomica, Izakaya Sushi Ran, and Copas.

According to Kapoor, fans of Copas can look for it to remain active at pop-ups and festivals.

“This is certainly not a goodbye, it’s a see you later somewhere soon,” said Kapoor.

The future of the space remains uncertain at this time as a new restaurant has not been announced.