Laura Thompson

Laura Thompson is an urban planner living in San Francisco where she can often be found hiking or bicycling. During the week she is the San Francisco Bay Trail project manager, working to complete a 500-mile continuous trail along the edge of San Francisco Bay.

Dec 04, 2016
San Francisco Diamond Heights West Portal

From Cult Film To The Courtroom, Mt. Davidson Park Takes Center Stage

Once a treeless hill, San Francisco's highest natural point is an urban forest with a controversial past -- and future. Read More

Dec 04, 2016
San Francisco Polk Tenderloin

Plans Move Forward To Revamp 2 Tenderloin Playgrounds

Turk-Hyde Mini Park and Sgt. John Macaulay Playground are both getting makeovers, and now's the time for neighbors to weigh in. Read More

Aug 27, 2016
San Francisco Lake Shore Parkside

From Reservoir To Retreat, How Lake Merced Has Persevered Over Time

Get to know Lake Merced Park and choose from a variety of adventures along its shores. Read More

Aug 22, 2016
San Francisco Lake Shore

Great Explorations: Junipero Serra Playground

This Lakeside District playground serves up a dose of recreation in the neighborhood. Read More

Aug 05, 2016
San Francisco Excelsior Ingleside

Great Explorations: Cayuga Playground

Guarded by an army of hand-carved wooden figures, the playground owes its magical appeal to the devotion of a single city gardener. Read More

Jul 20, 2016
Jul 08, 2016
San Francisco Diamond Heights Glen Park Noe Valley

Great Explorations: Billy Goat Hill Park And Walter Haas Playground

The park and playground offer stunning views of the city and beyond—including a rope swing over the skyline. Read More

Jul 05, 2016
Jun 25, 2016
San Francisco West Portal

Great Explorations: West Portal Playground

Tucked off of Taraval, the playground is a long-time family destination. Read More

Jun 20, 2016
Jun 09, 2016
San Francisco Noe Valley

Great Explorations: Duncan & Castro Open Space

A small sliver of open space preserves a piece of Noe Valley’s wild landscape. Read More

Jun 08, 2016
San Francisco Dogpatch

Great Explorations: Esprit Park

A corporate gift to a neighborhood is treasured open space. Read More

Jun 04, 2016
San Francisco Pacific Heights

A Legendary Land Dispute And The Lafayette Park Of Today

One of the city's most notorious land title disputes shaped this Pacific Heights park. Read More

May 29, 2016
San Francisco Chinatown

Portsmouth Square: A Historic Hub And Community Centerpiece

The oldest public plaza in the city is "The Heart of Chinatown" and much more. Read More

May 06, 2016
San Francisco Nob Hill

Great Explorations: Washington/Hyde Mini-Park

Designed to look like a child-sized city, this protected play area invites children of all ages. Read More

May 05, 2016
San Francisco Nob Hill

Great Explorations: Huntington Park

The most exclusive address in town welcomes everyone to bask in its beauty. Read More

May 04, 2016
San Francisco Marina

Great Explorations: Marina Green

Historically a place of prominent exhibitions, the Marina Green continues to be a grand stage. Read More

Apr 22, 2016
San Francisco Cow Hollow Pacific Heights

Great Explorations: Allyne Park

If you dream of having your own private garden in the city, look no further than Allyne Park. Read More

Apr 21, 2016
San Francisco Hayes Valley Lower Haight Western Addition

How Koshland Park Cultivated Neighborhood Support Into A Flourishing Community

Designed and cared for by residents, the park and garden have become a key green space for the Lower Haight and Hayes Valley. Read More

Apr 20, 2016
Apr 12, 2016
Apr 02, 2016
San Francisco Inner Richmond

Great Explorations: The Muriel Leff Mini Park

One of the city's first mini-parks is still a favorite neighborhood retreat over 50 years after it was created. Read More

Mar 22, 2016
San Francisco Outer Sunset

Squatters, Musicians, And A Philanthropist's Dream: The Story Of Stern Grove And Pine Lake Park

Sigmund Stern Grove and Pine Lake Park owe their existence to a family of Gold Rush-era squatters and a nature-loving female philanthropist. Read More

Mar 19, 2016
San Francisco Russian Hill

Great Explorations: Hyde/Vallejo Mini-Park

Delight in the hidden sanctuary of Hyde/Vallejo Mini-Park. Read More