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Published on April 18, 2023
Mission District cafe Sisters Coffee Shop expands to Castro [Updated]Photo: Steven Bracco/Hoodline

Mission District cafe Sisters Coffee Shop is set to open its second location in the Castro at 506 Castro Street, formerly Earthbar.

Over the weekend, workers were seen installing Sisters Coffee Shop's logo on the awning outside the storefront.

Karen and Melody Ruelas opened Sister Coffee Shop at 920 Valencia St. (at 20th St.) in 2021.

The sisters tell Hoodline an exact opening date is not set, "we are aiming for the next few weeks."

Sisters Coffee Shop at 920 Valencia St. | Photo: Google


Just two months ago, Earthbar (previously Project Juice) closed its Castro location after six years in the neighborhood.

A "notice of belief of abandonment" was posted in the window dated February 1, and it indicated that Earthbar was behind on its rent.

According to Mission Local, the sisters got their start helping their family-owned food stand in the Richmond selling Mexican snacks like Mangonadas (Mexican snow cones).

"We chose the Castro because as we began our research for our second location we were fascinated by the strong sense of community this neighborhood has," said Ruelas. "[We] loved how all the vibrant colors resemble what Sisters Coffee Shop is about which is to bring family and friends together."

Selection of food and drink items. | Photo: Google


The cafe offers a selection of coffee, tea, juice, boba, paninis, bagels, tamales, and their signature drink Mexican hot chocolate.

"We are also very excited to continue this journey with everyone who's supported us and can't wait to see new faces at both of the shops," the sisters said.

Hoodline readers will recall that prior to Earthbar, the space was occupied briefly by Artis Coffee. Artis Coffee shuttered in 2016 after only eight months in the Castro.

In recent years, the once booming Castro coffee cluster has contracted, with the closures of multiple cafes including Weaver's Coffee & Teas, Ritual Coffee, Eureka Cafe, and H Cafe.

Inside Sister Coffee Shop's cafe along Valencia St. | Photo: Google


Sister Coffee Shop adds another new business to the 500 block of Castro St. which has seen a handful of openings in recent months.

Just this weekend, pop-up store Welcome Castro softly opened at 525 Castro St., formerly the Levi's Store. Last month, Mudpuppy's Tub & Scrub expanded into the former Dogo Love at 538 Castro and Lyric has temporarily opened at the former Hortica space at 540 Castro.

Spaces formerly occupied by Harvey's (500 Castro), Puff 'n Stuff (504 Castro), Sunglass Hut (511 Castro), Hamburger Mary's (531 Castro), and Under One Roof (541 Castro) remain vacant.

The story has been updated with comments from Sisters Coffee Shop co-owner Karen Ruelas.