Carrie Sisto

Jun 11, 2020
San Francisco Civic Center Mid-Market Tenderloin

How San Francisco has failed the Tenderloin

On May 6, the city released an eight-point plan to turn around the Tenderloin. We investigated its progress — and found almost none. Read More

Jun 01, 2020
San Francisco Civic Center Tenderloin

UC Hastings students, alumni warn lawsuit could increase police force against unhoused

Over 150 students and alumni are pushing back on UC Hastings' Tenderloin lawsuit, arguing it prioritizes clearing streets over sheltering homeless people. Read More

Jun 01, 2020
San Francisco Tenderloin

Without help, Tenderloin's Aunt Charlies Lounge says it will close in August

The Tenderloin's last gay bar will close on August 1, unless a fundraiser brings in enough to keep it going. Read More

May 27, 2020
San Francisco Civic Center Tenderloin

Despite city's promises, Tenderloin still has no car-free streets

As "Slow Streets" have proliferated around the rest of the city, SF's densest neighborhood has seen no traction on promised street closures. Read More

May 26, 2020
San Francisco Tenderloin

City opens empty Tenderloin parking lot for camping, with no services provided

The previously empty parking lot, which the city is paying a private security company $6,000 a week to monitor, will now accommodate up to ten tents without sanitation services. Read More

May 20, 2020
San Francisco Civic Center Tenderloin

Turtle Tower robbed in broad daylight; owner waits 2 hours for police response

“This is the worst we’ve ever seen it," says Thao Pham, who has operated the popular Tenderloin Vietnamese restaurant for 20 years. Read More

May 19, 2020
San Francisco

As tents line Tenderloin sidewalks, city pays $6,000/week to guard empty lot

Even before the pandemic, a proposal called for the lot to temporarily house homeless people — but the city is paying to keep it empty. Read More

May 13, 2020
San Francisco Tenderloin Union Square

Union Square business district destroyed 4 Veterans Alley murals without permission, founder says

“It’s harmful emotionally to the artists," said Veterans Alley founder Amos Gregory. "This helped them heal, and now it’s causing new pain.” Read More

May 11, 2020
San Francisco Fillmore Hayes Valley Japantown Western Addition

Geary & Steiner pedestrian bridge to be demolished later this month

Built in 1962, the bridge is set to come down as part of the project to speed up the 38 and 38R-Geary buses. Read More

May 07, 2020
San Francisco Civic Center Mid-Market Tenderloin Union Square

Plaintiffs in UC Hastings lawsuit say city’s COVID-19 plan for Tenderloin falls short

Plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed on Monday fear the city's COVID-19 response plan will only exacerbate the neighborhood's ongoing, pre-existing problems. Read More

May 06, 2020
San Francisco Civic Center Tenderloin

Tenderloin plaintiffs suing city say pandemic isn't the real problem

The Tenderloin isn't just suing the city over COVID-19 safety issues — it's refusing to go back to an already catastrophic "old normal," plaintiffs say. Read More

May 06, 2020
San Francisco Civic Center Mid-Market Tenderloin Union Square

Tenderloin crime: hit-and-run suspect arrested, two injured after drug deal intervention, more

Tenderloin station police have been busy in the weeks since our last roundup, including several robberies at gunpoint, a 15-hour standoff, and a machete attack. Read More

May 01, 2020
San Francisco Civic Center Mid-Market Tenderloin Union Square

Tenderloin Museum offers outlet to quarantined artists with virtual group show

Created by artists quarantined at home, the ad-hoc show may ultimately be "a time capsule of this moment in history," says the museum's director. Read More

Apr 21, 2020
San Francisco Mid-Market Tenderloin

Updated: SFPD in hours-long standoff with Tenderloin suspect after officer-involved shooting

A knife-wielding suspect barricaded himself inside a Tenderloin building early this morning, leading to an hours-long standoff with police. Read More

Apr 15, 2020
San Francisco Polk Tenderloin

As San Franciscans struggle to pay rent, calls for landlord-tenant mediation go 'through the roof'

A local nonprofit is working overtime to help mediate disputes between landlords and tenants who've lost income to the COVID-19 crisis. Read More

Apr 09, 2020
San Francisco

SF's mental health hotlines see spike in calls during shelter-in-place

Whether sheltering in place or busy with essential work, San Franciscans are making more calls to local mental health support lines, and organizations say they need volunteers and funding to keep up. Read More

Apr 08, 2020
San Francisco

City expands public toilets and hand washing stations as stop-gap in COVID-19 pandemic

Amid criticism of its response to the unhoused population during the COVID-19 outbreak, San Francisco will deploy up to 15 new public toilets and hand washing stations. Read More

Apr 02, 2020
Mar 31, 2020
Mar 24, 2020
San Francisco Civic Center Tenderloin

Tenderloin merchants seek support after COVID-19 shutdown slashes income, increases crime

Immigrant business owners in the Tenderloin are facing both lost business and increased break-ins under the shelter-in-place order. Read More

Mar 12, 2020
San Francisco

San Francisco deploys hand washing stations in response to COVID-19

San Francisco’s Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing has deployed mobile hand washing stations across the city as part of the city’s response to COVID-19. Read More

Mar 02, 2020
San Francisco Tenderloin

Tenderloin's Turk-Hyde Mini Park to reopen after full playground renovation

With the city's highest number of children per capita — but limited outdoor space — the Tenderloin is dependent on play spaces like the Mini-Park. Read More

Feb 19, 2020
San Francisco Lower Nob Hill Lower Pac Heights Polk

7-story housing complex to rise on site of Polk Street's Out of the Closet

The Planning Department has given the go-ahead to a new mixed-use building at Polk & California streets. Read More

Feb 12, 2020
San Francisco Civic Center Financial District Lower Nob Hill Lower Pac Heights Mid-Market SoMa Tenderloin

SFPD opens new Mid-Market office to address 'hot spots' for drugs, crime

The SFPD has opened a "foot beat" office in Mid-Market that will combine officers from the four surrounding police stations. Read More